Monday, May 28, 2007

Who is the Decider-er

I have decider-ed that I don't want to be only decision making-er in my classroom.

Well actually, I don't mind making decisions but it seems to me that more effective learning situations are a combination of leadership and collaboration.

I was engaged in a discussion yesterday with some friends about our political deciders and we all had a bleak viewpoint about the current state of affairs.

I have come to hear more and more grumbling about the way this administration has trampled people who didn't agree with the Decider-er. Citizens from both parties are incensed and disgruntled with the supression of dissent and narrow mindedness of our leadership.

What kind of example have we set for our citizens over the last 6 years? Is it time for a change?

I'd love to hear some comments.

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Mr. Hunsberger said...

I totally agree with you on the idea that the most effective learning situations being a combination of leadership (would you call this "facilitation"?) and collaboration. I have found that if students have bought in to the learning environment and have an idea that they have some measure of choice in their education, they will be galvanized to succeed!
In terms of political "Decider-ing", what seems even more alarming than any national or federal administration is the fact that Angelenos won't even buy in to our natural decider-ing which will affect the future and outcomes of hundreds of thousands of students directly, not to mention the countless others who are affected indirectly. Yep, it's pretty tough to have a conversation about dissent and disagreement when we can't even speak up for what concerns us most!!! 7% You've GOT to be kidding me! (