Friday, June 08, 2007

Page Museum - Megafauna Mystery

Our research from the field trip is almost done. The kids are editing a variety of documents and I expect to finish next week.

I have uploaded the files from student's cameras and posted the photos at our Picasaweb site.

Some of their group writing work is on posted on unkelwiki

Other students are using power point or word documents to edit and we will make them available at the Classroom group. I have not been able to get them all G-mail accounts yet.

One enterprising group has recorded a podcast

This is really fun for them and I wish you could see my class.

They are on fire.


Jose said...


Did you check podcast link. It only played 3 sec on my computer.

UPDATE COURSE (Interent Literacy & Research) said...

Jose, yes, I also tried to play the podcast and I only heard the names of 3 female students.

Charlie said...

The audio file plays with IE explorer and not with Firefox. I am trying to set the feed using feedburner.

mrdelacruz said...

You are leading the way! Keep up the great work! I checked out the wiki and it seems like a great example of group collaboration!

Mrs. Avanesian said...

I tried the first three of them on the list they all didn't work on mu laptop. But I was able to watch the 8 minute water buffalo. Aha, Charlie says that it can't be opened with firefox and that is what I am using. I'll try to use safari or explorer.