Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Professional Development

Wow, that was a tough crowd.

I wanna be someplace else

Chang Lee, one of my colleagues, and I presented a development meeting about using Google search, docs, and spreadsheets. We started with a video about a 16th century gentlemen who is having trouble operating a book and calls the help desk.

Introducing the book

Some teachers continued to grade papers and talk while others just sat stone faced during the film. I got more laughs from my 6th graders who viewed this video. There were some teachers of course who were engaged and joined the John Burroughs group.

The group, Burroughs-ms , will help to assist teachers implement technology and establish a culture of collaboration. Chang talked about the use of Docs. We both emphasized the variety and flexibility of the tools, they are no cost to students or faculty, and posed some ideas on how to connect content and rigor to these programs.

I also started a classroom group for my students and they were very excited.

My Classroom

This is only the beginning. I'm thinking about next semester and how to start off using the read-write web. Gaining the trust and support of teachers to allow students to learn and collaborate in this new environment is truly a challenge.


John Rivera said...

Don't fret. It is difficult getting fellow teachers to listen to the message you are trying to convey when they are not ready to receive it. Since you reference Marcia Tate, did you try to incorporate some of the strategies she advocates for? For example, did you incorporate some sort of game, discussion, or project that served to engage your co-workers' brains (as Dr. Tate would say)? I did see that you included strategies such as humor & visuals (video) and technology. Just keep up the good work.

mrjacobmath said...

thanks for the heads up. I am going to need a different way to present the material before I do this in the summer, my colleagues will have the same reaction.