Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Class of Tomorrow

My 6th grade class ended their school year today. We viewed Spy Kids 3-D with anaglyphic glasses during which we all consumed far too much sugar and salt. Next year I will supply more fruit and veggies. Letting the kids provide lunch was a bit of a mistake.

After wreaking havoc, signing each other’s yearbooks, and playing games, we cleaned the classroom. I sat them down and quieted them for the last five minutes of the school year.
I spoke quietly to them about what the year had meant.

“This is your last moment as sixth graders. My doors are now a time portal through which you will pass into the future. Think about how you came here and what you have accomplished and reflect on its’ meaning to you. This room and your place in it will never be the same again.”

All this was delivered while the overture from Scheherazade played through I-Tunes.

Their eyes got wide and we all looked at each other and I felt they had understood what I meant. I must admit that I was a little fahklempt as I gazed at their wonderful silent faces. The bell rang and they jumped up and ran for the door wishing me a great summer with whoops and cheers.

Oh well. They were a great group of kids and I will really treasure all the experiences this year brought to us.

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Room 21's Blog said...

Reading your post immediately brought back the tears to my eyes and the burning lump in my throat that I felt all day today. I really loved this group of kids and will miss them. It's hard, isn't it? Even after 15 years, I still feel this way. Honestly, I hope it never does. I have a feeling you understand what I mean.

Room 21's Blog said...

Hmmm, I should read what I type before I hit Publish Your Comment, shouldn't I? When I said, "Honestly, I hope it never does." I meant I hope it never goes away.

Charlie said...

Thanks, Today was really fun and a great affirmation that the kids appreciated being in a caring place. I will get to see some of them next year in my Aeronautics elective for 7th grade.

Anonymous said...

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